Flanders Red AleRODENBACH Caractère Rouge

“A Stunning, complex and remarkably balanced beer. Should not be missed” – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Named #1 Beer of the Year by Beer Wine Enthusiast magazine, RODENBACH Caractère Rouge is crafted by brewmaster Rudi Ghequire in partnership with 2-star Michelin chef Viki Geunes.  It is an unblended beer, aged for 2 years in RODENBACH’S famous oak foeders (standing oak casks) and then matured an additional six months with cherries, raspberries, and cranberries.

RODENBACH Caractère Rouge offers a fruity nose, followed by a woody caramel note on the finish that comes from the barrel-aging process.   The taste is sour but exceptionally pure.  With its long, clean aftertaste and its unique combination of delicacy and strength, RODENBACH Caractère Rouge is reminiscent of a crisp burgundy wine.


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ABV: 7%


World Beer Cup (Gold)

100/100 points – Rate Beer

98/100 points – Wine Enthusiast

Outstanding – Beer Advocate

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