About Bavaria

We are an independent family-owned brewery. We have been brewing beer according to our own taste for over 300 years now. That comes down to seven generations of independent thinking. And we aim to keep it that way.

It gives us the freedom to set our own high standards. We are one of the very few breweries in the world that brews with natural mineral water from our own spring. Just as we are one of the few using our own malt from our own custom-built malt house.

We just prefer to stay off the beaten track. The Bavaria compass stands for the fact that we always set our own course. Three corners represent the three founding Swinkels brothers, the revered ancestors of today’s owners. The needle pointing towards the south of Holland shows the way to Lieshout, where it all started.

We have always been very eager to adapt the newest technologies and skills, without losing our sense of tradition and never at the cost of the timeless quality we value so much. And finally, by adding a unique ingredient – the long-term focus of the founding Swinkels family – we will be able to brew high quality next-generation beers for generations to come.